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Covenantal Ministries (organized as Covenantal, Inc.), is the ministry arm of this organization, and is THE formal, authorized, and sole, legitimate VOICE of the Lord Yahweh God Jehovah; Yeshua Ha’Messiach, the Lord Jesus Christ; and the bless-ed Yahweh Holy Spirit …

… to the nations of the United States of America; the State of Israel; the other few nations of the Lord God, and to the entire Earth.

Technology Investment & Research Corporation is the business, financial, technology, and development side of this ministry organization, and is the sister company to Covenantal, Inc.

Both corporations were created and registered in the State of Florida, in the United States of America.

Both work in conjunction with each other fulfilling the purposes, objective, and missions of this organization as given directly by the Lord God.

Your confidence and consideration is appreciated …

God Bless!

“Prophet by God”

The High Servant of the Lord God

The Emissary of the Lord God



The Call of the Lord God and the Origin of this Ministry:

Covenantal Ministries is a unique, one-of-a-kind Ministry, and is responsible for writing and conveying the Words, Statements and Testimonies of the Lord God – the Most High, True and Living God.

It is the first of its kind in approximately 2.431 years (from the last Biblically inspired writings of the Tanakh or Old Testament), and 1,917 years (from the last Biblically inspired writings of the New Testament).

The last official revelation of the written Word of God in the Tanakh, or the Old Testament scriptures, was by the Prophet Malachi (during approximately 420 B.C.). Malachi wrote the Book of Malachi (the final book of this testimony of the Holy Bible), through the divine inspiration of the Lord God, approximately 2,431 years ago.

The last official revelation of the written Word of God in the New Testament scriptures was by the Apostle John, on the island of Patmos (during approximately 95 A.D.). John wrote the Book of Revelation (the final book of this testimony of the Holy Bible), through the divine inspiration of Yeshua Ha’Messiach (the Lord Jesus Christ), approximately 1,917 years ago.

I am a man who has been called by the Lord God to be His VOICE – – – the VOICE of the One True Lord God.

I was trained extensively, for much of the past decade, directly by the Lord God Himself. Upon the completion of this training, in preparation for the revealing of His word, I created Covenantal, Inc. to be the corporate entity to contain Covenantal Ministries. Thusly, this Ministry, designed to be the official organization to serve the Lord God, became a corporate entity, according to His specific direction.

The Lord God has directed me to be a watchman, first for the House of Israel, and second, for the House of America; both of which are the two covenantal nations of the Lord God. But, more specifically, I am the VOICE of the Lord God to the House of Israel AND the House of America (for those that believe in the Lord God, as well as for those that do not). Although I have been sent to preach to the lost sheep of the Houses of Israel and America, I am also to preach and teach ALL of His words to the entirety of the Earth, as well.

I am to reveal the Words and Prophecies of the Lord God for these Last and FINAL Days (of the Latter Days of the End of this Age; of which we are in currently). The Lord God calls this age the FINAL “Pre-Tribulation Age”; the time which immediately proceeds the “Great and Terrible Day of the Lord” – which is indeed a period of time coming IMMINENTLY upon the Earth.

Furthermore, there are a few additional scattered nations on the earth that are also the nations of the Lord God, and He has directed me to reveal this fact to these nations and to each other. Additionally, He has directed me to unite His nations in a way in which they can cooperate and share their common heritage, as well as provide for and defend each other. The Lord God’s direction and intention is to give these nations and peoples direction and guidance, as well as to give them His provision and protection – through His divine providence.

Since these nations do not know that they were founded by the Lord God, I am to notify them of their unique origins and give them the inheritances that the Lord God set up for them, in order for them to survive the times that we are now in, as well as those that are coming.

These are inheritances that He designed and created, to be given to them very soon, in the days coming – for assistance in surviving the current economic crisis; to give them the resources that will be needed to survive the coming months and years (ones that are critically required and irreplaceable); and to share His prosperity for them.

The times we are facing ahead are perilous and dangerous. In these times, the nations of the Lord God will need His direct intervention, provision, and protection, in order to survive the perilous months ahead. This is a time in which the entirety of the Earth will be under the Judgment and the Wrath of Almighty God; a time in which there will be global warfare and destruction; and sadly, a time in which only a fraction of the world will survive the devastation, destruction, decimation, and desolation coming (by the time the judgment completely ends).

I have been anointed, as the High Servant of the Lord God, to be the High Prophet of the Lord God. Although there are indeed other prophets, even in this modern day and age, the Lord God called and anointed me to be the Prophet of the Prophets. Thusly, He gave that title to me; which is one that I am absolutely honored to have.

Nevertheless, I am THE formal, authorized, and sole-official, legitimate VOICE of the Lord Yahweh God Jehovah, Yeshua Ha’Messiach (the Lord Jesus Christ), and the bless-ed Holy Spirit … to the nations of the United States of America; the State of Israel; the few other nations of the Lord God, as well as to the whole of the entire Earth.

The authority given by the Lord God will unquestionably and absolutely be manifested through the prophecies, signs, and wonders that the Lord God will work so that ALL will know that He is the Lord God, but also to verify and authenticate my position, and to further vindicate me to those that will undoubtedly make accusations that I am a false prophet of the Lord God. Such authentication by the Lord God, to prove that I have indeed been sent by Him, will occur in the coming days, weeks, and months.

The Lord God wants the world to know, unquestionably, that He is present in the world, managing the affairs of mankind, as in the Biblical days of old. The Lord God, from henceforth and hereafter, has now taken charge of mankind and the Earth; a control that never will He relinquish to mankind again.

Lastly, I have been called to exclusively serve the Lord God, in ALL ways as He determines, for an indeterminate length of time, until He calls me to Him.


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