It is TIME – the “Time of the End”, the “End-Times”, the “End of All Things”, as Known by Humanity …

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It is TIME – the “Time of the End”, the “End-Times”, the “End of All Things”, as Known by Humanity …

Thus says the Almighty Lord God unto America the Great, as well as the whole entirety of the Earth, which I, the Lord fully created:


It is the “Time of the End”. * (1)

It is the very end of the “End-Times”.

It is the very end of the AGE, known by humanity as the “Church Age” or the “Age of Grace”, but more appropriately, known specifically by the Lord as the definitive phrase: the “Age of Grace Under the Law”.

Nevertheless, it is the end of all things (that is, as such has been known by humanity in this day and age, in this modernity of mankind).

It is the very end of the latter years.

In fact, it is the very end of the latter days.

It is the now the very TIME in which I shall now perform My word, as has been saved up for the last six thousand (6,000) years since humanity was created upon the Earth. * (2)

However, I shall not just perform My word, but accomplish My Word.

However, I shall not just accomplish My word, but fulfill My Word.

However, I shall not just fulfill My word, but complete My word.

However, I shall not just complete My word, but finish My word.

Furthermore, it is now the very time in which the boiling pot shall overflow and pour out upon My peoples. * (3)

For this, as written, shall define the finishing of My word and the performance of great and Godly works:

24 “Seventy weeks are determined
For your people and for your holy city,
To finish the transgression,
To make an end of sins,
To make reconciliation for iniquity,
To bring in everlasting righteousness,
To seal up vision and prophecy,
And to anoint the Most Holy.

Daniel 9:24

It is near time for these seven things to be not just performed, not just accomplished, not just fulfilled, not just completed, but to FINISH My word … just as portended, just as foretold, just as prophesied.

These days are astounding.

But if humanity thinks these days are indeed astounding, they shall be even more astoundingly shocking.

For the Word of God is living, and without question, sharper than a two-edged sword. * (4)

For the Word of God is nearly finished, as knowingly revealed to humanity. * (5)

However, I, the Lord, declare this:

For the Word of God is nearly finished, as unknowingly revealed to humanity. * (6)

And even more so …

… for the Word of God is nearly finished, as NOT yet revealed to humanity.

This is the TIME …

… in which all things shall be performed, accomplished, fulfilled, completed, and finished …

… MYSTERIOUSLY and SECRETLY, says the Almighty CREATOR God.

Hear the Word of the Lord!

End of Message

* (1) Daniel 8:17 • Daniel 11:35,40 • Daniel 12:4,9

* (2) Jeremiah 1:11-12

* (3) Jeremiah 1:13-19 • Ezekiel 11:1-4 • Ezekiel 24:1-14

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Thusly says the Almighty Lord God, as spoken, then written … this day, date, and time of …

… Tuesday, the 7th of February 2023 at 7:25 PM – A/EST …

… Tampa Bay, Florida, The United States of America …

… the place where My Godly, holy name is meticulously and awesomely engraved!

For these declaratory words have been signed, sealed, and delivered on this date of publishing …

… and shall come to pass – to be fulfilled either in immediate imminency or soon thereafter (even in the days, weeks, months, or years directly or close ahead).

Thereby speaks the Lord Creator God – the Lord Yahweh God Jehovah … the One True and Living God.

Published for …

… Monday, the 3rd of April 2023.




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